Upload to FTP


這是一個可以讓你輕鬆將附件上傳到指定的 FTP 之外掛,讓圖床的運作更佳的省時省事!

WordPress 官方網站外掛目錄中的本程式


如果你想要協助將本外掛的內容本地化成為你所熟知的語言,並且願意分享給大家使用的話,請前往 WordPress.org 進行內容的貢獻。


可以透過  進行,又或者你的 Paypel 帳戶不是台灣區帳戶的話也可以透過 PayPal.Me 進行。


請前往 Upload to FTP 版本歷史 觀看。






How to set the HTML link url?
When update 12.10, the HTML link never OK now, previous version works great.
BTW, my previous HTML link is https.

Hi elfive.
I updated the plugin to 1.0.4.
If get test file error OR file ccontent not “abc—xyz”, won’t do the delete test.
So in you case, the test file will keep On FTP let you know is real get error OR setting error.

I using ur plugin, its very good. But i want to use it beside easy digital download, and store my product file in another ftp site, when use ur plugin at download time, edd shows a temporary download link, but when browser goes for download the link convert to original link at ftp server and everything that edd has hidden, will shows to everyone.
Is it a way for ur plugin to work like uploading, when user wants to download a file ? it means maybe the wordpress server get the original file from ftp server and the pass it to the end user (like when it is at upload, which get the original file from user and pass it to the ftp server).

thanks alot.

Some themes will produce small pictures
Srcset The linked image is the old URL
How to set up?

Sorry for so long time to answer this.

this question is base on the theme how to build the small image and get the image url.
If use the WordPress function to do that, I think i will work nice.

If your theme is free. Let my know the url to get the theme, then I and find the question to fix my plugin



想請教一下 在未作參數修改情況
只是將網站搬至其他主機同為 cPanel
原本檔案刪除狀態為 “可以刪除”
但是換台主機後便顯示 “不可以刪除”


已確定 FTP 屬性為預設且可正常連線
這部分請專業 Richer 協助解答了 謝謝

The plugin works correctly But 300×300 Crop File Size is 0kb and dont show in post thumbnail.
please check this problem.

thank you
when disable “Delete Auto build local file” option , Works fine.
but original file and all cropped files stayed in host.
I do not want the files to stay in the hosts.

Hello, I recently learned of this plugin, and it is very useful, thanks, but in the case of the host I use, it has a certain folder “/ htdocs” as if it were “public”, but in reality this directory does not appears as if it were in the ftp “/ htdocs /” but only “mysite.com” appears, using the plugin in the directory part, it is necessary to put the “htdocs” dir in the view of that loaded image, this dir also appears thus “mysite.com/htdocs/img.jpg” that results by not finding, however this image was uploaded and is in “mysite.com/img.jpg”, could help me how to prevent this “ftp dir” from appearing in image upload link loaded? I looked at the code but I’m not very programming …

Connect and Login: Test Complete

Upload file: Testing
Open directory /home/wwwroot/ failure.

UPDATE YourDBName_posts SET post_content = REPLACE( post_content, ‘YourOldUrl’, ‘YourNewUrl’ )

Open directory /home/wwwroot/ failure.


Hi, I want to display a form for users to upload to the ftp host. where is the snippet code, also what is the html link? thanks.

您好,我在使用插件时,Upload file 一直显示为testing,无法进入下一步。我是用PHP 7.3.6和wordpress 5.2.1。能否帮忙看一下,多谢!
Connect and Login: Test Complete
Upload file: Testing
HTML link:
Delete file:
Create directory:

Sorry! Can’t work with WordPress 5 or higher.
And I won’t update the plugin.

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